Interlocked Multi-Level

QBKEY employs interlocked multi-level encryption using the AES, RSA, and ECC algorithms. Multiple keys are used to encrypt each file, all of which are tied to both the hardware, software, and owner of the device, making it impossible for anyone else to access your data.


Mitigates Phishing and
MitM Attacks

Out-of-band authentication through the use of QBKEY’s unique pairing ID prevents MitM attacks.


Autonomous and

QBKEY is a completely independent and autonomous data protection tool. We do not require you to create an account, connect to any 3rd-party service, or provide us with any information to use the product. You, and only you, are in complete control of your data.


Portable and Lightweight

QBKEY’s dimensions are 45mm x 45mm x 11mm (1.77” x 1.77” x 0.43”) and weighs just 30.1gr (1.06 oz), making it very portable, and is manufactured with an attractive aluminum housing.


Biometric Authentication

QBKEY utilizes a biometric authentication system. The FPC1020 Touch Sensor is a high-quality robust fingerprint sensor with a new thick, hard, and scratch-resistant coating. Biometric authentication eliminates the weakest point of any data security system – the password, PIN or token.


Highly Customizable

QBKEY is highly customizable. More features and customizations can be delivered through software and firmware upgrades.


Windows Software

Get QBKEY Software
Alternate installer

QBKEY Password
Manager Companion

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QBKEY Password
Manager Companion

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As a musician/songwriter, QBKEY allows me to securely encrypt my song ideas, track samples, and lyrics in unlimited vaults, on as many devices as I need – even in the Cloud – with no storage limits.

Anna Carter

Musician / Song Writer

Working as a medical professional, QBKEY allows me to not only secure my patients records, but back them up to other off-site devices in case of breakdowns or outages.

Trudy LeBlanc


I can create fully encrypted drives with QBKEY, on which I can store my professional photographs. This saves me money, and still allows me to selective share those drives with other QBKEY users.

Octavia Miller


QBKEY allows a CFO like me to file share highly confidential information directly with other executives within our company, even those in other office locations around the world.

Tony Johnson


I’m an Executive Office Administrator and I use QBKEY to manage a rather large number of accounts for the company even without remembering a master password.

Jennifer White

Executive Office Administrator

In my IT department, I use QBKEY to generate and issue very strong passwords to users.

Terence Brown

IT account Manager

I love utilizing QBKEY as an agent to perform the cryptographic operations necessary to enable SSH connections between our applications and remote services. DevOps Engineers like me find this very useful.

Wallace Anderson

DevOps Engineer

QBKEY’s optional passphrase provides me with the peace of mind that even if I am coerced or forced into providing my fingerprint scan, the confidential information I often utilize as a Government Contractor remains secure.

Adelina Jones


Technical Details

  • Interlocked and multi-level encryption using the AES, RSA and ECC algorithms
  • Produced as a pair using Quantum True Random Number Generator
  • Touch 3D Fingerprint Sensor authenticates up to 3 fingers
  • Shockproof, dustproof, and water resistant – IP66
  • Supports USB-C for encrypted communication
  • Portable, durable aluminum housing
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 and later
  • Windows Software App - Free Download
  • User Manual - Website / Digital download
  • Device Dimensions: 45mm x 45mm x 11mm (1.77” x 1.77” x 0.43”)
  • Weight - 30gr (1.05 oz) per device

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